But you only beat to control behavior…

Posted by: | Posted on: May 13, 2014

I had an interesting discussion with a friend of mine about what I do. I tried to explain that as a coach, I am not trying to help change behaviors in either parent or child. I try to help change the mindset of parent or child. What if they don’t want their mindset changed? Well, either they do, and know it, because they came to me or they do and don’t know it, because they thought that I could keep them from spanking/beating their child.

What’s wrong with beating? Because I believe that some children need to be beat. I needed to be beat.” She says.

I could point out evidence that any form of physical punishment is also mild brain damage. I could also point out that, social ostracism also creates a similar emotional ( and therefore physiological response) – and if you don’t beat a child in a society where children are beaten, damage is done.

But since statistics (as I just pointed out) can be used either way, it’s important to note that we changed the topic. I coach toward greater connectedness with your child. Along the way, behaviors change in response to the parent child relationship. It’s almost magical.

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